Best Reasons to use Surface Pro 4 Keyboard for Surface Pro 3

It is not a secret that Microsoft has upgrade features in Surface Pro 4, including to its surface pro 4 keyboard. As the owner from Surface pro 3, it is a curiosity whether it is possible for surface pro 3 to use any part and accessories from surface pro 4. While surface pro 4 are worthy with the price, you can upgrade your surface pro 3 performance and comfort with surface pro 4 keyboard.  Here are top reasons why you should use the latest keyboard.


surface pro 4 keyboard

The Pros of surface pro 4 keyboard

The surface pro 4 keyboard has larger and smoother track pad.  The size of surface pro 4 keyboard is 40% larger from surface pro 3 and this means you will get more space for scrolling, dropping items and dragging.   The smoother track pad also makes it feel better when swipe because of the smooth glass material made.  The button keyboards are space out more and it makes you easier to type the words without looking down into the keyboards.   There is longer key travel that feels softer and goes down little further rather than the last one.

The upgraded features in surface pro 4 keyboard

There are new features that won’t able in previous version but present in recent surface pro 4 keyboards. There is a prtscn button features. Forget the old and crowded ways to take your desktop screenshot and do with just two simple buttons. Just press the windows key+prtscn and you can capture the picture.  There is high technology name optional fingerprint scanner that makes you able to use fingerprint as ID for sign in to the device into scanner.  There available menu of contextual menu that makes you less in use your pad or mouse.   The latest surface pro 4 keyboard improves many features and convenience.