How to Maximize Surface Pro 4 Battery Life

The surface pro 4 battery life is increase the ability into 50% from previous model of Pro 3 become 4 hour and 38 minutes.  The battery life is still an issue that surrounds this device performance.


surface pro 4 battery life

Some analyst find that it is enough with Surface Pro 4 42watt hour battery, but other says that it is best to connect with windows 10 management combine with Skylake CPU part.  The feature of Turbo Boost allows the CPU performs the rated frequency beyond and get the maximum performance. Unfortunately, Turbo Boost eat energy a lot of battery.

Turbo Boost Effect to Surface Pro 4 Battery Life

When use Turbo boost, it will up power into 25W. in 42W battery hour, it will reduces the battery life and potential for damage.  Second, the heat that result in Surface Pro 4 makes user experience the noise even when it is simply for connect to internet. Third, for game lovers, the Turbo boosts are the causes for power throttling. The power throttling is CPU feature that ensures the part longevity. When the turbo boost is use often, the part will engaged and the CPU frequency will drop and causes dramatic loss.

The Strategy ways to Improve Surface Pro 4 Battery Life

Here are strategies ways that will improve your Surface Pro 4 battery life and reduce the issues problem appears.

  • Disable turbo boost when you use device battery mode.
  • Disable the flash. Using flash is great way for lost your battery because this app is a battery hog.  Disable when it is connect to chrome, edge, and other browser.
  • Get H264ify. Ensure you use this extension when you connect with Chrome and Youtube. With setting default, the Youtube codec that not goes accelerated will cause the additional CPU uses.
  • Disable your Wifi feature when sleep.  In default setting, your wifi of Surface pro 4 stays connected while it is asleep. This condition can result the substantial battery of use when your device asleep. Turn the setting by go to setting—power and sleep—wifi.