Why You Need Surface Pro 4 Docking Station?

Here are the truth reasons why you need Surface Pro 4 docking station. If you are user of Surface Pro 3, you are familiar with recently docking station. This item full base, allows you to slip Surface 3 snuggly into protective dock.


surface pro 4 docking station

The docking station for Surface 3 is available with Ethernet ports; five USB ports contain 3 USB 3.0 and 2 of USB 2.0, and mini display port.  The docking station is great for turn your tablet into fledged desktop system.

Surface Pro 4 Docking Station Features

As the release of surface pro 4 docking station, there is a changed and upgraded feature that makes this docking station more fantastic. Recently, the Surface Pro 4 docking station has no longer solid form, no stand along, with the new design with small brick. The puck device makes this device is available to put in your hand and more portable.

surface pro 4 docking station port

The new Surface Pro 4 docking comes into two HD-video ports, gigabit Ethernet port, the audio output and high speed USB 3.0 ports.

Why the Surface PPro 4 Docking Station offer different platform with previous

The new Surface Pro 4 docking station is smaller and thickness from the previous surface pro 3.  The device is available for fits into Surface Pro 4,Surface Pro 3, and Surface Book laptop that connected use magnetic connector. The device is designed to sit behind your device unobtrusively instead of holding device directly.

The designs makes the surface pro 4 dock easier to support both for the previous Surface Pro Tablets or the recent surface pro  as well as new Microsoft laptop. All the ports perform with speedier of USB 3.0. the entire signals from tablet to the docking Surface Pro is connected via single cable of surface connect wire.

The dock requires to its own power supply and as it is charge while connected with Surface Pro or Surface Book, it also charge well as expected in Surface Pro 4 docking station.