Recommended Surface Pro 4 Car Charger to Support Your Hectic Daily Activities

Surface Pro 4 car charger is important to bring especially because the gadget can be used as laptop or tablet. In fact, charger is very important device if you should use your Surface Pro 4 all day long. Before purchasing it, you should know which of the chargers available considered as the best charger for your beloved Surface Pro 4.


 surface pro 4 car charger

 Surface Pro 4 Car Charger Review

  • Kissmart Surface Pro 4 Car Charger

Kissmart Surface Pro 4 Car ChargerThe first reference is a Surface Pro 4 car charger from Kissmart. This charger is designed for those who tend to use Surface Pro inside the car. The good news is that this charger is compatible for Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4. This is also because it is supported by i/c Chip technology. By using this technology, the charger can maintain the heat of your Surface Pro. As the result, you don’t have to worry about overheating charging. Moreover, the performance is also outstanding because you can charge your Surface Pro 4 faster. The problem is that the price is a little bit expensive if it is compared to the other car charger for Surface Pro 4.

  • GOOQ Magnetic Power Surface Pro 4 Car Charger

GOOQ Magnetic Power Surface Pro 4 Car ChargerThe second reference is GOOQ Magnetic Power car charger for Surface Pro 4. It is also can be used for Surface Pro 3. The best part is that it has long cable for about 215 cm. There is also a separated adapter from the car charger connector. Even, you can also charge your smartphone because this car charger has USB port. It is also supported by specific protection systems so it doesn’t trigger something unwanted for your Surface Pro 4.

Now, you have two options of Surface Pro 4 car charger. Both of them have its strengths and weaknesses. If you tend to charge without knowing the time, it is better to use the first reference. But, if you tend to use more than one device, you can just take the second reference.